About Las Vegas Napoli

Following a time-honored custom of providing good food with friendly service that treats each customer like one of the family, Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant has its roots firmly entrenched in the neighborhood. With unrivaled pizza making skills and secret recipes, we bake each pizza fresh and hot from the oven.

Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant celebrates the traditional pizza experience!

Placing our own unique stamp of approval on each menu item that comes alive in our restaurant, we use only the finest of ingredients including vine-ripened tomatoes, wheat flour, fresh herbs, delicious spices, select cheeses and meats, and colorful vegetables. Drawing from generations of family experience as true artists of the pizza-making craft, we create each pizza at Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant as a labor of love for each and every customer.

Here at Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant, we create a mouth-watering experience that lingers on your tongue long after you have finished eating. Chopping the vegetables daily, slicing meats as we need them, and buying only the freshest of ingredients, our staff offers the best possible dining experience in the area for true pizza lovers. All this and more, and it can be delivered right to your door with fast, friendly service!

Our savory aromas waft through the open door each time a customer enters or exits, enticing new visitors to stop and enjoy a slice, a salad, and a beverage. Nothing is as good as our traditional pizza, and no service is better than the superlative service offered by our loyal, dedicated staff.

We believe in the tradition of sharing good food with friends and family. Whether you want dine in service or quick delivery, Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant can deliver the flavorful taste of honest-to-goodness authentic Italian pizza, sandwiches, and salads. We take great pride in the quality of our freshly made menu offerings. Fully believing in the authentic pizza experience, Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant never skimps and never prepares anything we wouldn’t want to eat.

Thank you for choosing us to as your favorite neighborhood Las Vegas Pizza and Restaurant!

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