Gyro Salad

Gyro Salad

Gyro Salad

Featuring the briskness of Greek flavor and the bright colors of fresh veggies, our Gyro Salad includes three types of Olives and Gyro meat tossed with slices of fresh Onions, crisp Cucumbers, and savory Pepperoncini, more commonly known as Tuscan Peppers.Our Gyro Salad is tossed with zesty Feta Cheese to create the perfect blend of flavors. It
is accompanied by your choice of salad dressings.

For a delicious taste of traditional Greek food, try a Gyro Salad for lunch or a light dinner entrée. Freshly made with Gyro meat and three kinds of Olives, sun-ripened Tomato, crisp Cucumber, tasty Pepperoncini (Tuscan Peppers), sliced Onions, and flavorful Feta Cheese, our Gyro Salad delivers a taste that lingers long after you’ve finished your meal. Our Gyro Salad is served with a dressing of your choice.

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