Is Hand Tossing the Pizza Just for Fun?

Is Hand Tossing the Pizza Just for Fun?


Napoli Pizza – Is Hand Tossing the Pizza Just for Fun?

In all honesty, if you’ve ever stayed for the show and watched the hand tossing of your pizza crust, you’d have to admit that it is enjoyable to see. Pizza tossing goes beyond that though. It transcends the mere pleasure of watching the chef toss the dough up in the air with bated breath as you watch and wait for that moment when he either catches it or misses it. Hopefully, he doesn’t just scoop it off the floor and start all over when he does miss it!

Seriously though, hand tossed pizza dough has several merits that have given rise to the continuance of this time-honored tradition. Each of the following results of hand tossing a pizza can account for its ongoing popularity in authentic pizzerias:
• Hand tossing is gentler on the dough than rolling it out.

• The pizza dough doesn’t lose its moisture content as quickly with hand tossing versus rolling or pressing the dough out. This means that dough that is hand tossed leads to a softer-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside pizza crust.

• The whirling of the dough through the air actually helps to turn the dough into the round shape that is needed to make the pizza.

• Hand tossed pizza dough offers an uneven crust with some spots slightly thicker or thinner than other places on the pizza crust. This is one of the reasons that true pizza lovers enjoy authentic hand tossed pizza – each delicious mouthful of pizza dough is somewhat different than the one before it.

• Hand tossing is easy to accomplish. The flow of air rushing past the dough doesn’t dry it out much – just enough to make it less sticky so that it is easy to toss without sticking to the pizza chef’s hands.

• The outermost edges of the pizza crust on a hand-tossed pie are lighter than those created by rolled or pressed pizza dough.

• Customers enjoy watching pizza dough being tossed and caught in the air – a great reason to return to a pizzeria where customers can watch pizza tossing in action.

• Hand tossed pizza simply tastes great!

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