Las Vegas Napoli Triple Decker Sandwiches

Las Vegas Napoli Triple Decker Sandwiches


Las Vegas Napoli Pizza and Restaurant Is Home of the Best Triple Decker Sandwich



No matter how you slice it, a triple decker sandwich is sure to satisfy your appetite as well as your taste buds! Filled with savory meats and flavorful cheeses, our triple deckers offer delicious choices for the hearty eater. If you are in the mood for a sandwich, why not check out these tasty treats? Here’s a little trivia to go along with that appetite of yours!

What Is a Triple Decker Sandwich?

Also known as a club sandwich, the triple decker features three slices of white bread that has been toasted and layered with meat, cheese, lettuce, and slices of tomato. Each sandwich is usually slathered with mayonnaise or a dressing of your choice.

Who Had the First Triple Decker Sandwich?

Unfortunately, no one really knows who invented the first triple decker sandwich, but anyone who’s ever had one knows just how tasty this type of meat-and-bread combination can be. Some people think that the first variation was a turkey-and-bacon combination (turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato) club sandwich offered on the menu of passenger trains. Other individuals believe that this type of sandwich was a staple at some of the first country clubs to come into existence. At any rate, the triple decker has long been a regular item on the menus of diners, pizzerias, and delicatessens. The turkey-and-bacon triple decker is still one of the most popular choices!

Las Vegas Napoli Triple Decker Sandwiches

Our Las Vegas Napoli Pizza and Restaurant currently offers six different types of triple decker sandwiches, enough to satisfy your hunger throughout your entire work week. Each of these delicious sandwiches is made fresh daily, giving you the best possible flavor each time. Currently, our Las Vegas pizzeria offers the following choices: the classic BLT, tuna, turkey, turkey and bacon, chicken, and chicken and bacon.

Since we know that hearty appetites need more than just a simple sandwich, our kitchen serves up each one of our triple decker sandwiches with a huge side of freshly cooked French fries. Come on in or get take out! We’ll be glad to make your order up right away.

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