The History of Cannelloni

The History of Cannelloni


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The History of Cannelloni


Las Vegas is famous for everything from entertainment to delicious food! Cannelloni is among the many delicacies that visitors and residents will find in a Las Vegas Italian Pizzeria. Cannelloni is the Italian plural of the singular form of the word cannello. The exact origin of cannelloni is unknown, but it has been traced back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It is generally thought to be one of the original shapes used to make pasta.


Some sources credit an Italian chef, Nicola Federico, with the discovery of this particular Italian delicacy. It is thought that Federico created cannelloni in Naples, Italy while he was cooking for a popular Italian eatery. From there, it is thought to have spread to other areas of Italy as well as other countries.


Cannelloni is a type of Italian pasta with a cylindrical shape. Typically, this tube-like pasta is between three and four inches in length, and it is stuffed with a meat or cheese filling. Cannelloni is prepared from a recipe that blends together wheat flour, salt, and water. When it is formed, it is first cut into rectangular pieces that are rolled into tube-like shapes. Cannelloni is usually stuffed with a rich meat, vegetable, fish, or cheese filling that is blended with spices and/or sauce.

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Las Vegas Napoli Pizza & Restaurant serves a delicious platter of cannelloni that is made from only the freshest of ingredients. Each individual tube of pasta is generously stuffed with ground meat, spinach, and spices. We top the entire dish with a huge serving of our special marinara sauce, and then top the entire thing with fresh mozzarella cheese.


We consider our cannelloni platter to be one of the finest offerings we have at our Las Vegas Pizzeria. We invite you to discover its mouth-watering goodness for yourself!

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